Who Is The Cute Little Boy In The Video Shared By Neeru Bajwa

You must have heard your parents or grandparents say “Today’s generation is something else”. Rayun Singh Sanghera is the prime example of it. Punjabi film actress Neeru Bajwa recently shared a video of a cute little boy on her Instagram account. The boy does a duet with an American actress and a member of the British Royal family, Meghan Markle in the video.

The boy in the video is Rayun Singh Sanghera. Rayun is a 6 years old resident of Wolverhampton, UK.

The kid started his instagram page during the lockdown times to entertain people. He has over 54 thousand followers on his official account and many of his videos have been shared by celebrities. He is followed by various Pollywood celebrities too, including Neeru Bajwa. The boy has been featured on ITV news and BBC radio. His videos wherein he plays Rayun and his girlfriend Preeto had gone very viral on social media. His most viewed video is the one in which Rayun tries to convince his upset girlfriend Preeto. The video has garnered over 99 thousand views on instagram. 

The 6 year old tries to bring a smile on people’s face and his cuteness does it successfully. Neeru Bajwa too became a victim of the Rayun’s cuteness and talent and thus, shared the video. 


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