Vanshika’s Viral Breakup Phone Call Ignites Meme Fest On Twitter

Friendships, relationships, break-ups and the internet; all are four major things we all are surrounded by. But can you imagine what will happen if all this combines?  If you are confused to answer this, then you have probably not come across Vanshika’s viral break of the story yet. Yes, it’s trending on Twitter and everyone’s talking about it. 

Who Is Vanshika?

Vanshika is currently trending on Twitter because she has recently witnessed a break-up after 2 months of her relationship. Yes, you read that right; a 2-month-old relationship has made Vanshika viral. 

A video is going viral on Twitter in which Vanshika is seen crying, sobbing and narrating her feelings about her breakup. Vanshika reveals that she got herself waxed and even got threading done to celebrate her relationship’s 2 monthly anniversary.

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Not only this, but Vanshika also bought a pair of high heels, that too before the sale. Yes, that sounds painful. And Vanshika also put the effort into buying expensive gifts for her boyfriend and rejecting all other guys who were interested in her. And she did all this just to get an ‘I’m not sure, I think we should take a break’ response from her boyfriend.

But before you start feeling bad for Vanshika’s viral break up story, you need to listen to her conversation with her friend. Because by the end, Vanshika was convinced to go on a date with a new guy, who according to her just needs to be good-looking. 

We will also discuss the netizens’ reaction to Vanshika’s viral break-up story, have a look at the viral video here; 

We are sure you also found this viral video extremely hilarious. We all definitely have a friend who talks just like this. And that’s why the internet is connecting with Vanshika even more. This viral video has made #Vanshika trending on Twitter, and the netizens are sharing crazy memes on this break-up story. 

Check out some viral memes on Vanshika’s viral break-up story here;

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By now, Vanshika must have realised that it’s Saturday and the Indians are busy laughing and enjoying her viral break-up story. Though nobody really knows, deep down we all want to know what was Vanshika’s reaction when her friend leaked her very emotional break-up story. Can we call it a real-life representation of ‘Dushman Na Kare Dost Ne Wo Kaam Kiya Hai’?

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