Who Is Veer Mahaan? The Indian Wrestler Who Has Brought Destruction In WWE

It is impossible that you’ve never heard of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Many of us have watched WWE in our childhood and for years, it was simply our most favourite show. But do you know recently an Indian wrestler has gained a lot of recognition in the Wrestling world?

Veer Mahaan is presently bringing destruction in the WWE Ring, dressed in his Indian attire. Just like the Great Khali, Veer Mahaan has also created a buzz on social media with his presence at the WWE. 

Who Is Veer Mahaan? The Indian Wrestler Who Has Brought Destruction in WWE

The 6 ft 4 inch tall wrestler, currently signed to ‘Raw’ belongs to the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. His real name is ‘Rinku Singh Rajput’ and his road to WWE has been an interesting yet challenging one. His father was a truck driver. He used to be a sports enthusiast right from his childhood and even used to play wrestling and was also an athlete of javelin throw.

His skills at javelin throw helped him immensely. You’ll be surprised to know that before entering the WWE industry, Rinku Singh was a professional baseball player. 2008 was the year when Rinku’s life changed forever. He participated in an Indian Reality Talent Hunt Show, Million Dollar Arm which required the participants to throw baseball. He came first in the competition with a throw of 140 kmph. 

This throw paved the way for Rinku’s professional baseball career. He became the first ever Indian to play professional baseball in America. From 2009 to 2016 he participated in various leagues in professional baseball and gained recognition.

In 2014, a film on Rinku Singh was also made with the title ‘Million Dollar Arm’. It did a business of around $40 million at the box office. On 14 January, 2018, Rinku Singh gave up baseball and decided to focus on wrestling! Soon, he signed a contract with WWE in 2018 itself.

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Initially, he made a team with another Indian wrestler, Saurav Gurjar. At that time, Rinku Singh used to use ‘Rinku’ as his stage name. After some time, he changed his name to Veer. Later Veer formed a team with Jinder Mahal and Shanky and went on to create a 12 match winning streak. Ultimately, Veer Mahaan was then signed to Raw and has ever since been wrestling under the brand.

Who Is Veer Mahaan? The Indian Wrestler Who Has Brought Destruction in WWE

Veer Mahaan has marked Indian presence at the WWE and became the face of wrestling in just a few years. His Indian style and appearance makes him stand out from the rest and today, lot of Indian kids are still connected to WWE due to Veer Mahaan.

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