Who Is Youtuber Happy Goldsmith? Blamed For Alleged PM Modi Killing In Animated Video

Happy Goldsmith, the name has been making headlines in recent times. A clip from a 4 month gaming video uploaded on his Youtube channel has gone viral over social media. It allegedly shows the killing of an in-game character who Happy repeatedly calls, ‘Modi’.

This has forced the audience to blame him for the alleged killing of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the viral clip.


Who actually is the man?

Manpreet Singh is the real name of the man behind the video. Aged 20, he runs a Youtube Channel that goes by the name ‘Happy Goldsmith’. The channel has over 295k subscribers on Youtube. His content mainly focuses on gaming videos and funny commentary on them. He is one of the leading Punjabi Youtubers when it comes to creating gaming-related content.

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Belonging to the city of Bagha Purana, located in the Moga district of Punjab, Manpreet Singh has also pursued a career in the Esports Casting field. He is one of the few Punjabi casters in the field of the Indian Gaming Community. We all know BGMI (Indian Version of PUBG) has changed the way esports and gaming is viewed in the country. There are various national and international BGMI esports events being held everyday and Happy Goldsmith is a leading Punjabi caster of them.

He has cast various BGMI esports competitions. Along with Youtube, he also boasts off a followership of about 51.8k on Instagram, at the time of writing this article. The troublesome video uploaded by him on Youtube has brought his name in the headlines. He has even issued a public apology for the same.

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