Music Producer Who Made Sidhu Moosewala & Karan Aujla’s Reunion Possible Revealed

We have always considered Sidhu Moosewala and Karan Aujla as the two strongest pillars of commercial contemporary Punjabi music. And who wasn’t happy when Karan Aujla finally revealed that he sorted everything out with Sidhu Moosewala before his unfortunate demise? The fans of both artists celebrated and felt overwhelmed. But do you know, there is an untold story behind the incident which is still not known to many? 

Karan Aujla and Sidhu Moosewala’s reunion was not natural but was made possible with the efforts of a popular music producer. There was a man who actually orchestrated the call between Aujla and Moosewala. And fortunately, the story is now out and viral on social media. 

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In a recent podcast recorded with BritAsia, Tej Samra revealed the unpopular story of Steel Banglez, who was actually the man behind Karan Aujla & Sidhu Moosewala’s reunion. 

In the podcast, Tej said, “There is one part of the story I feel like people need to know. And I only found this out. Literally, like the same night, right was. Yes, you know Karan made up with Sidhu and called Sidhu, but it was steel Banglez who orchestrated the call.”

Tej also went on to elaborate on the scene and explained what exactly had happened. He added, “Steel Banglez and his manager Guv were in a car with Karan Aujla, Banglez called Sidhu. And that was the start of that moment when Karan then reached out to Sidhu and they squashed it. And you know what, I think that’s one thing that, you know, people need to realise that Banglez literally harmonised everything. Him & Guv need absolute respect for that.”

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As soon as this video spilling the beans was uploaded, it went viral on social media. The fans are pouring a lot of love and appreciation for Steel Banglez who actually had put selfless efforts into making this reunion possible.

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