Who’s The Little Kid Playing Young Karan Aujla In BacTHAfu*UP Intro?

On 17 June, the Punjabi music industry witnessed the official release of the intro of the debut album (BacTHAfu*UP) of one of its biggest artists, Karan Aujla. The intro was so perfect it has already made fans impatient and they cannot wait for the album to drop as soon as possible. 

The intro spoke of the star’s journey from being a part of the crowd to being the reason for the crowd. A little kid played the part of the young Karan Aujla in the intro. Who is he?

The kid who played the part of the young Karan Aujla in the beginning of the BacTHAfu*UP intro is actually a young Canadian actor named Taylor Lam Wright. Taylor is a Model/Actor from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He is a student, furnishing his acting skills, at the Shoreline Studios, Canada. 

Taylor did an amazing job playing the young Karan Aujla. His short yet brilliant part made the intro, the perfect one for the debut album of Karan Aujla, one of the biggest names in the industry. 

Take a look at the official Instagram profile of the young talent : Taylor Wright

Since the intro, fans have been waiting for the album now. Though the team and Karan Aujla are yet silent on any more updates of the album, we are expecting it to drop very soon now. The intro was such a perfect one, just imagine the album!

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