Why Are International Students Protesting In Front Of The High Commission Of Canada At Chandigarh?

COVID-19 impacted world life drastically. Every section of society, big or small, rich or poor, suffered huge losses. In addition to the severe human loss, Coronavirus also caused serious financial and social losses to every section of society. But one specific section; International students, got struck with harsh circumstances and is still struggling.

Every year, Indian students travel abroad for studies in huge numbers. Canada is the destination for the majority of these students. Students wish to acquire better education, employment opportunities and a better future in Canada and, for this purpose, put everything they’ve got on stake.

Recently, students in large numbers have been gathering in front of the High Commission of Canada at Chandigarh for massive protests. With posters, banners and slogans, the students have been flooding the doors of the Canadian High Commission. What caused this massive uproar among the students? 

Actually, several students, who had filed an application for the CAQ (Coalition Avenir Québec), wishing to study in 10 colleges in the Quebec province of Canada, have been waiting since a year for a response, but no reaction has been received from the other side.

The students demand reasons behind the silence on the authorities and the Canadian embassy’s side. The students had raised heavy loans to pay the immigration fees and bear other expenses and such a careless attitude by the authorities was sure to make students lose their temper. 


Questions have also been made regarding the frauds made by some students to get the Canadian Permanent Residency (PR). Cases have been reported of fraudulent marriages by students to acquire PR of Canada.

This is probably one of the main reasons why the Canadian government is strengthening its rules and making things difficult for the students. The situation of the global pandemic also has a huge role to play in the situation, as no country wants foreign inclusions in their country, fearing that it might activate the virus again in their home country. Whatever be the reason, the students are currently suffering from heavy debts on one side and silence by Canadian authorities on the other. 

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