Who Is Lisa LaFlamme? Did CTV News Fired Her For Grey Hair?

Famous Canadian journalist Lisa LaFlamme has been fired by CTV News. The reason for her exit is said to be her ‘Grey Hairs’. CTV News and parent company Bell Media have sacked Lisa LaFlamme as the chief anchor of the country’s most watched night show. 

The allegations are made against Bell Media for firing the anchor who has worked for them for 35-long years due to ageism. Lisa LaFlamme, who is 58 years old, has been replaced by a 39 years old man. This has sparked the controversy against Bell Media.

Reportedly, Lisa LaFlamme has stopped dying her hair during the pandemic and continued to work in grey hair. Her decision to keep her hair grey is being cited as the main reason for her ouster from CTV News after 35 years.

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Lisa LaFlamme herself announced her eviction from CTV News through a video. In the video she mentioned that Bell Media had ended her contract on a sudden notice in July. She said she was shocked and disappointed over the sudden closure to her 35-years long career with CTV news. She also shared her thoughts about her journey with CTV and thanked the audience for watching her.

In the video Lisa LaFlamme said, “Today with a range of emotions I am sharing with you some information about me and my career with ctv news for 35 years i have had the privilege of being welcomed into your homes to deliver the news on a nightly basis so I felt you should hear this directly from me on june 29th i was informed that bell media made a quote business decision to end my contract bringing to a sudden close my long career with ctv news. I was blindsided and am still shocked and saddened by the Bell media’s decision. I was also asked to keep this confidential from my colleagues and the public until the specifics of my exit could be resolved.”

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Lisa Further said, ” That has now happened and I want you to know what these last 35 years have meant to me. Reporting on the darkest days of war from Iraq, Afghanistan and this year Ukraine, to covering natural disasters this pandemic federal elections amazing Olympic moments and so many other consequential events including this summer’s papal apology to residential school survivors I need you to know that this is a trust I have never taken for granted as a reporter and as an anchor. I am forever grateful to you such loyal viewers, for sharing in the belief that news delivered with integrity and truth strengthens our democracy.”

LaFlamme concluded her video by saying, “At 58, I still thought i’d have a lot more time to tell more of the stories that impact our daily lives instead I leave CTV humbled by the people who put their faith in me to tell their story. I guess this is my sign off from ctv, so I want to express my deepest gratitude to all of you to my incredible colleagues for their unwavering support my dear friends and my loving family while it is crushing to be leaving CTV national news in a manner that is not my choice please know reporting to you has truly been the greatest honor of my life and I thank you for always being there.”

After the exit of Lisa From CTV News, the internet has criticised the Bell media for targeting ageism to fire a senior anchor. Many brands like dove and Wendy have jumped into the ‘Go Grey’ campaign supporting Lisa LaFlamme.

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Dove Canada made a tweet saying, “Age is beautiful. Women should be able to do it on their own terms, without any consequences.”

Wendy’s posted a profile pic on Twitter which shows their icon with grey hair. The post is captioned with, “Because a ⭐️ is a ⭐️ regardless of hair colour. #LisaLaFlamme #NewProfilePic”

The ‘Go Grey’ campaign supporting Lisa LaFlamme seems to have grown as a major threat for Bell Media and CTV News.

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