Why Did Diljit Dosanjh Turn A Producer? Here Is The Reason

Who doesn’t want to grow in life? Be it financial growth or any other kind of growth we all want to move a step forward. The same happens with actors too. This is usually the reason why they step into fields except acting too.

But the story of Diljit Dosanjh turning a producer is different. He didn’t become a producer so that he can earn more, but to have authority on his own projects. 

In an interview, Diljit revealed that there was a time when one of his Bollywood movies and his punjabi movie, released in the same month with a gap of only a week. Noticing the release dates approaching he tried to convince the producer of his Punjabi movie to slightly shift the date of movie’s release. But the producers didn’t agree and released the movie on the scheduled date only. 

This made Diljit feel bad and realize that he has no control or authority on his own projects. He cannot make any changes and this was when he decided to turn a producer. 

This story of Diljit Dosanjh is truly inspirational and explains how things settle in your favor when you put enough dedication and hardwork.

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