“Why did I Join Congress?” Sidhu Moosewala Finally Answers All The Questions!

Sidhu Moosewala brought a new chapter in Punjab politics by joining Congress ahead of 2022 Punjab Assembly Polls. Many of the fans were left disappointed watching their favourite artist step in the ‘dirty game of politics’. Sidhu Moosewala finally came live on Instagram for the first time following his move to join Congress and answered all the questions of the public!

The biggest question was ‘Why did Sidhu choose Congress?”, many were of the opinion that he could have joined some other party or even stood independently, but why did he choose the party responsible for the Sikh Genocide 1984! Sidhu replied that if not congress, which party would he have gone for? All the parties have deceived the people of Punjab, there is no one with a ‘clean image’ here. 

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To answer the question surrounding Congress being responsible for 1984 Sikh Genocide, Sidhu said that 1984 Sikh Genocide was not only the fault of Congress. He went on to add that the real culprits are those ‘Panthaks’ and ‘Thekedaars’ who have used 1984 for their personal benefits and to fill their pockets. 

Sidhu described how he belonged to a backward region and he joined politics to bring improvement. Talking about his personal experience, he explained how he had to go to Ludhiana for his higher studies and then Canada, due to lack of opportunities in his area. He doesn’t want anybody else to suffer the way he did.

“To change the system, you’ve to be a part of the system”, was what Sidhu Moosewala had to say all about the situation! He said that songs cannot change the system. You can blabber anything in songs and they’re not going to bring people justice, and on top of that, he joined politics when he was at the peak of his career. Further elaborating, he said that Congress is the same party that has given leaders like Manmohan Singh to the country. He confessed that he was ready for all this hate and outrage coming his way. “I have always experienced negativity in my life, so this does not surprise me anymore. What matters is that I and my god know that I’ve joined politics and Congress for good reasons” said Sidhu, ending his official statement.

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