Why Did Jennifer Lopez Black Out Her Social Media Handles?

The popular American actress, singer and dancer Jennifer Lopez has a massive fan following across the globe. With more than 226 million followers on Instagram and 45.5 Million followers on Twitter, she also has a huge social media presence. But the international celebrity has recently blacked out her social media handles. 

Yes, you can see the major changes made on Jennifer Lopez’s social media handles. She has changed her default picture to a plain black poster on Instagram and Twitter. 

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And not only this, but the profile pictures of her official handles on other social media platforms like Facebook and Tik Tok have also blacked out. 

Also, you can notice that all the previously shared posts on her Instagram account have been deleted or archived. Her count of posts on her Instagram handle states 88, but there is none that’s visible on her profile’s grid.

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For now, Lopez has not unveiled the reason behind the darkening of her social media handles. But it is expected that the actress will be making a big announcement soon. 

The announcement can be about a new project or an awaited collaboration. Meanwhile, all her fans and netizens are currently busy making random guesses on the internet.

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