Why Did Sidhu Moosewala Mention ‘Goli Wala Sapp’ In ‘Celebrity Killer’, The Last Track Of MooseTape

Why Did Sidhu Moosewala Mention ‘Goli Wala Sapp’ In ‘Celebrity Killer’, The Last Track Of MooseTape

The closing track of the album MooseTape titled Celebrity Killer dropped on 9 August. Sidhu Moosewala ended the 3-months long album with one of the most hyped up songs of the year. In addition to the killer music of the song, Sidhu Moosewala also won it this time with his lyrics, just like he always does. Sidhu repeatedly mentions ‘Goli Wala Sapp’ or ‘Goli Wala Print’ in the main line of the song, what does he actually mean by this?

The main line of the song goes ‘Gucci Da Ni Goli Wala Sapp Chhpeya Ni Mitra Di Car Te’ in the first stanza and then in the next Sidhu changes it to ‘Gucci Da Ni Goli Wala Print Chhpeya Ni Mitra Di Car Te’. Which means, Sidhu has marks of bullets on his car, unlike others who decorate their cars with the ‘Gucci Snake’.

‘The KingSnake’ is a symbol of the Italy based world famous luxury clothing brand Gucci. The Gucci Snake is a very popular symbol in media and pop culture. In Punjabi music, various artists write about their cars being decorated with a ‘Gucci Da Sapp’ or ‘Gucci Snake’. Sidhu Moosewala is distinctive from the whole industry, we all know that. So when everyone is talking about the Gucci prints on their cars, Sidhu says that he has prints of bullets on his car, unlike all others.

In one of Sidhu’s songs called ‘47’, which was an international collaboration featuring Stefflon Don, Mist and Steel Banglez, he even shows a white car being damaged with bullets. The bullet marks were shown imprinted on the car. It can be seen at 00:50 time stamp. The line in Celebrity Killer is also a reference to ‘47’. 

Sidhu Moosewala is one of a kind lyricist. He always brings interesting references in his songs that often puts the audience in a state of confusion. But don’t worry, we are always here to breakdown difficult lyrics for you and try to serve you with the right information. 

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