Fairphone 5 Review: Why it is the Most Modular Smartphone To Date

After two years of endless development meetings, the Fairphone 5 is finally official.The Phone was launched in an event by the Dutch company. 

After waiting for so long, it seems like the wait was worth it as the Phone is absolutely gorgeously Designed. Miquel Ballester, Co-Founder and Head of Product Management at Fairphone said “We designed a thinner device, without compromising on repairability and durability,”. 

Adding further he said “After multiple design studies, we were able to reduce the Fairphone 5’s thickness by 9% and ended up with a well-balanced design that sits well in your hand and feels sturdy and premium.” 

Let’s know 5 Reasons Why the Fairphone 5 is the Most Sustainable Phone and Why You Should buy it.

1. Fair Battery 

As per the Sources, 4200 mAh battery inside the Fairphone 5 is easily removable and also it is the fairest smartphone battery in the world currently.  You can easily replace the battery if it starts to age. It has a Support 30W fast wired charging support.

2. Made With Recycled Materials 

The Fairphone is made with recycled elements such as aluminum, tin, rare earth, nickel, zinc, copper, magnesium, indium, and plastics in its supply chain.

This means that our consumption of these materials improves the living and working conditions of artisanal and small-scale mining communities producing them.

3. 5 Year Warranty And Eight years of Software Support 

The Fairphone 5 has an extended life chipset, CHIPSET Qualcomm QCM6490. The Fairphone 5 comes with a guarantee of at least five major Android OS updates till 2031, Shipping with clean Android 13 and zero bloatware.

4. Aims To Reduce E Waste

E- waste is a Problem which is growing day by day, and amid this situation it is a great initiative that the complex has made.

The Fairphone 5 aims to reduce the electronic waste. A Fairphone 5 weighs 212 grams. The lot of that waste is taken from countries where e-waste recycling is not a reality yet.

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5. Other Specifications 

  Screen   2700 *1224 OLED w/ 90Hz
CPUQualcomm QCM6490 hexa-core
Memory8GB RAM
Cameras50MP, f/1.9 main w/ PDAF, OIS  50MP, f/2.2 ultrawide w/ TOF 3D depth sensor   50MP, f/2.45 front
Storage256GB on-board, microSD expansion
system Android 13
Battery4200mAh removable w/ 30W wired charging        
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