Honey Singh Granted Divorce By Delhi Court; What Were The Allegations & Case Details

Honey Singh who  has achieved immense fame and recognition for his contributions to Indian music, got married to Shalini Talwar in 2011. But unfortunately today both of them parted their ways following a mutual settlement reached by both parties to resolve their disputes.

Shalini and Honey tied the knot on January 23, 2011. In a recent legal decision, Honey Singh, the singer and actor, has been officially granted a divorce from his spouse, Shalini Talwar, by Principal Judge (Family Court) Paramjit Singh.

 In her initial claims, Shalini had asserted that Honey Singh and his family members displayed hostile conduct towards her. Furthermore, she contended that the singer had a prior record of making threats, causing physical harm, and resorting to violence against those who opposed his demands.

Shalini initiated legal proceedings against Honey Singh by invoking the “Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act.” Her claim included a demand for alimony amounting to Rs 20 crores. Shalini urged the court to issue a protective order in accordance with section 18 of the 2005 Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, compelling the singer to adhere to the Act’s stipulations regarding compensation.

Addressing the allegations stated against him Honey Singh said in a statement, He expressed deep distress over the false and malicious allegations made by his companion/wife of 20 years, Mrs. Shalini Talwar. Honey Singh had never issued public statements before, despite criticism of his lyrics, health speculations, and negative media coverage. 

However, he found it necessary to address the allegations, especially those directed at his family, who had supported him during difficult times. He strongly refuted the allegations and expressed full faith in the judicial system to reveal the truth, as the matter was sub judice in the Court of Law.

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