Ground Reality: Why International Students Were Living In Tents Near Canadore College, Canada?

In the starting week of September the international students from India went to North Bay, Ontario very excited as their fall season of academic session started. 

But the bad news which hit them as they reached there was that the Colleges in which they took admissions namely Canadore college and Nipissing College expressed their inability to provide accommodation facilities despite paying a high amount of fees. 

After the student didn’t find affordable housing at the campus, the students staged a protest in which they were supported by Montreal Youth Students Organization (MYSO).and resided in Tents on the roadsides, outside the campus.

After 24 hours of their protest, finally the College management agreed to provide them accommodations at reasonable prices. The fees of those who will go back leaving the course will be returned fully without any deduction and in case they are not able to provide accommodations online classes will be provided to them as per IRCC rules.

The outlet North Bay Today cited a college spokesperson as saying, “All of the Canadore students involved in the demonstrations this week at the Commerce Court Campus are currently being housed. Canadore continues to work with all students to find appropriate accommodation. We will provide a fulsome update next week.”

“The problem is that the education consultants in India are only concerned about the commissions the colleges offer them per student. A recent data of a local college revealed that from $561 in 2016-17, the agent partner’s commission per student had increased to $3,399 in 2020-21. Often, the agents don’t show the true picture to parents and their families and they are clueless about the life that lies ahead for them.” says youth activist Mandeep.

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As per TheIndianExpress Canada is grappling with a severe housing affordability crisis, exacerbated by the substantial influx of people it admits annually. This year alone, the country is set to welcome 900,000 international students, marking a staggering 63% increase from the previous year. This is in addition to 500,000 permanent residents and hundreds of thousands of other temporary workers and visitors.

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