#ArrestKohli Trends On Twitter! Here’s All You Need To Know About The Hot Controversy

Popular Indian cricketer Virat Kohli is currently in Australia to participate in the upcoming T-20 World Cup. But he can also be spotted in the news headlines today and a trending hashtag on Twitter. Yes, #ArrestKohli is trending and we are surely watching this trend can spin anyone’s mind for a second. 

Netizens on social media platforms are demanding Virat Kohli’s arrest. And if you are confused about the matter and have no idea about what’s going on, you are at the right place. In this article, we have covered the details of this hot controversy and revealed why #ArrestKohli is trending on Twitter. 

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Supporting, admiring, loving and appreciating their idols indeed makes the fans happy. But can this love ever turn deadly? Yes! Excess of anything bad and this has been proved once again in a horrible murder case. 

Yes, we are not off-track and still discussing the #ArrestKohli matter. So what is the connection between Virat Kohli, fandom and a murder story? Actually, this all is associated and has webbed this hot controversy. And in fact, you might have noticed other hashtags like #RohitKumar #ShameOnKohliFans #RipVingesh and more are also trending with the one for Virat Kohli.

An arrest has been made by Tamil Nadu Police. The officials arrested a 21 YO young Kohli fan who murdered a 24 YO over a heated argument. The accused; S Dharmaraj is a die-hard fan of Virat Kohli and his team Royal Challengers Bangalore, and on the other hand, the deceased P Vignesh was a supporter of Mumbai Indian’s Rohit Sharma.

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The two were reportedly discussing cricket in an open area near SIDCO Industrial Estate, where their conversation soon turned into an argument, debate and then a murder. 

According to the Keelapalur police, the deceased was a die-hard fan of current Indian skipper, Rohit Sharma, while Dharmaraj supports Virat Kohli. Both of them were reportedly discussing cricket in an open area near SIDCO Industrial Estate, near Mallur, when it led to the murder of Vignesh. 

“During the course of their debate, Vignesh had allegedly mocked RCB and Virat Kohli. Vignesh had the habit of body shaming Dharmaraj, who was a stammerer. On that day he had made some remarks comparing the RCB team to the speaking difficulty of Dharmaraj. This infuriated Dharmaraj who attacked Vignesh with a bottle and later hit him with a cricket bat on the head. Dharmaraj soon fled the spot,” Indian Express quoted officials as saying.

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In concern to this matter, netizens are coming forward with their variety of opinions and reactions. Twitter is actually flooded with supportive, ugly, criticising and judgemental tweets regarding the matter.

Team Kiddaan personally supports no one’s opinion here and is only willing to present what’s going around. Have a look at some tweets under the trending hashtags; 


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Cricketers Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma are yet to react and comment on this viral news and hot controversy.

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