Popular TV Show Anupama Faces Boycott Trend For Hurting Religious Sentiments!

There hardly will be someone who isn’t aware about the Anupama wave in India. The TV serial featuring Rupali Ganguli in the leading role has become a rage and is currently the most popular and loved television drama daily-soap. But unfortunately for the first time in the history, the popular and extremely successful show is facing massive backlash and a boycott trend from the fans. 

Hashtags for boycott Anupama are trending on various social media platforms like Twitter. Reportedly, the fans are not happy as they believe the makers of Anupama have hurt the religious sentiments of Hindu community and disrespected Indian culture. 

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The TV show, Anupama is currently focusing on the wedding of Anupama’ s son. But his parents (Anupama and Anuj) are separated and living with other spouses. But despite being married to each other, the pair performs their son’s wedding rituals with different partners. This has confused the show’s fans who have also disapproved of the same. 

And this track has disappointed the fans. Netizens are extremely outraged and angry against the show makers for spoiling Indian culture and hurting religious sentiments of Hindu community. 

The audience is taking it to Twitter to share their opinions and express their outrage against the same. And following the massive criticism, a trend demanding boycott of Anupama is also trending on social media. 

While some fans are calling the current plot ‘disgusting’ others are questioning the need behind the same. Have a look at some tweets by fans & netizens here, 

Talking about the show, Anupama has been successfully running for the last three years and has maintained its number one position on the TRP chart. Not only does the show enjoy a massive fan following, but has also become a favorite meme content for the internet. Also, the characters and actors of the show have now become household names in India. 

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In the scenario, Anupama facing backlash is surprising news because the show has always been in the news for breaking records and earning more and more appreciation. 

Now, the fans are expecting an official apology from the makers of Anupama. The team is yet to comment and release a statement on the massive backlash and the allegations of allegedly hurting religious sentiments of Hindu community.

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