Why Is Canada Welcoming More Immigrants? What Are Its Effects In Long – Run?

Canada has been an all-time favourite for immigrants as well as students from across the globe. The country has always welcomed immigrants, and it has now widened those doors in order to fill labour gaps and maintain its economic momentum. Overtaking the Chinese as the largest immigrant group to Canada in recent years, Indians are expected to continue to grow in number. 

Notably, the demand for highly skilled workers has grown throughout the nation while that for unskilled labour has decreased. In the meantime, countries like Australia and Germany are also open to immigrants, and some experts have now advised the US to change its immigration laws to draw talent! 

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For immigrants, the past two years had been horrible because of travel restrictions and lockdowns due to Covid pandemic. Amidst such crisis, the Canadian government announced in October that it aimed to welcome 1.2 million new citizens between 2021 and 2023, or 3% of the current population. The total targets for this year and next year are 100,000 more than anticipated.

Even among nations with high immigration, Canada stands out. Notably, Australia’s yearly immigration goal has remained constant at 160,000. According to New Zealand’s immigration minister, employers should prioritise training citizens of the nation. Canada, in comparison, is enthusiastic. According to Marco Mendicino, the minister in charge, immigration is “a fundamental aspect” of Canada’s economic recovery and its long-term prosperity. The nation will deteriorate without it. 

Moreover, by easing the laws and regulations for the immigrants and overseas students, Canada is all set to witness a drastic jump in the number of people from across the globe. Furthermore, it’s believed that it may economically strengthen the country, however, some experts believe that it may also have a lot of adverse effects on the nation. They believe that it may result in overcrowding, pressurise the public services and even unemployment in the long run!

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