Why Is Russia Attacking Ukraine? Reason Behind The War Crisis Explained In 5 Points

The whole world went in a state of terror as Russia finally declared war against Ukraine after years of tensions between both the countries. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, ordered his troops to start a military operation and enter Ukraine. What followed were explosions and complete terror! World powers and councils condemned Russia’s attack and the United States Of America called it ‘unprovoked and unjustified’.

The world has reached a point where people are speculating a probable World War 3. As such, it becomes important to understand what has caused this tension among the two countries.

5 Reasons Why Russia Attacked Ukraine


Though the tensions between Russia and Ukraine have been long existent, they started escalating in January, 2021. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy requested the American President Joe Biden to let Ukraine be a part of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). NATO was created by the USA, Canada, and several other Western European nations, totaling 30 countries . Its goal was to provide security against the post-WW2 Soviet Union (present-day Russia). But now, its aim is to maintain global peace. 

Russia did not want Ukraine to join NATO.

2. Deploying Troops

Ukraine’s request to join NATO angered Russia and it started sending troops near the Ukrainian border, stating ‘military drills’ for the soldiers as a reason. US president Joe Biden showed concern regarding the rising Russian military deployment on Ukrainian borders and in December, threatened severe sanctions against Russia if they invaded Ukraine.

3. Crimea

When the Soviet Union collapsed after World War 2, Crimea became a part of the newly formed republic of Ukraine. However, it remained a part of Ukraine only from 1991-2014. After years of political and social tensions, Crimea self proclaimed its independence from Ukraine and claimed to have become a part of Russia. The move was declared unconstitutional and illegal by the UK, Ukraine and the USA. It is internationally still recognized as a part of Ukraine, while Russia claims its rule over Crimea. Russia fears that if Ukraine joins NATO, it will try reclaiming control over Crimea.

4. History

Russia and Ukraine have been in conflict ever since they became two different countries. The countries have always been involved in conflicts. The situation became worse after Russian annexation in 2014. One of the major reasons behind Ukraine’s wish to join NATO is a fear of 2014 being repeated.

5. Fear Of The West

Russia has always been against NATO and the western powers moving eastward. In addition to being an opposer of Ukraine’s move to join NATO, Russia wrote in December that it was seeking guarantees that would exclude any further NATO moves eastward and the deployment of weapons systems that threaten us in close vicinity to Russian territory”.

Now, Russia has declared a full scale invasion of Ukraine. The future of the world remains uncertain and the moves of other countries would define the consequences of this war. Russia has so far claimed to have neutralised Ukrainian Air Bases while Ukraine has also claimed to have shot down many Russian planes. Both the sides have seen many casualities and deaths so far and scenes of utter terror and horrifying experiences of emerging from Ukrainian borders.

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