Why Is Sharry Maan Disappointed After Attending Parmish Verma’s Wedding? Said, I’m Not A Reporter

Parmish Verma is giving regular updates about his wedding ceremonies. Many of his family and friends attended the functions, including his dearest friend from the industry, Sharry Maan. But what happened during the wedding which made Sharry Maan very disappointed and sad? Is it enough to land this friendship in trouble? Sharry Maan, who was in the ongoing wedding function of Parmish Verma, came live on his social media after attending it and shared his saddened feelings he brought from the function. 

According to Sharry Maan, when he went to congratulate Parmish and his wife in their wedding, Parmish Verma asked Sharry to perform for him on his big day. Parmish said that he will only go on the stage when Sharry Maan will perform a song for him. “You invited my musicians from my show and asked them to perform with me. You are not some Drake or Justin Trudeau that I will present a show for you. You are my friend and this is the reason I came to your wedding, to share the happiness, to congratulate you and celebrate & enjoy with you but you were in a different kind of mood full of haughtiness. Either I was waiting for you to come and meet me”, said Sharry Maan. 


Not only this the artist was upset by another gesture of Parmish asking him to not take his phone inside the wedding place. Sharry added, “I am not a reporter and you’re not a Drake that you will make me deposit my phones before entering inside. You collected all my phones.” Sharry Maan was live on Facebook when he opened up about this incident that happened with him during the wedding of Parmish Verma. Later, Sharry showed his disappointment on Instagram too, by sharing a no. of stories. 

However, Parmish Verma has not stated his thoughts on this matter. We have always admired the truest friendship bond of both the actors till date who topped the list of being the most loyal and topmost friends. But, Is this something which will make it troubled between the two? We just hope that everything settles down between Sharry and Parmish. 

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