Why Is Sukh Sanghera Working With Sidhu Moosewala But Not Karan Aujla, Sukh Speaks Up

Sukh Sanghera was the first choice music video producer for Punjabi superstar Karan Aujla. Recently, Sukh Sanghera also directed the music videos of the album MooseTape by Sidhu Moosewala. This made fans confused about Sukh Sanghera’s relations with Karan Aujla.

Sukh Sanghera recently held a QnA session on his Instagram account and fans finally got a chance to ask their favourite music producer about his relations with Karan Aujla. But the fans were not in a mood to ask the questions respectfully. The first fan straightforwardly called Sukh a traitor for not working with Karan anymore. Handling the situation with grace, Sukh sarcastically replied, ‘Maybe you know better’. 

The next fan asked Sukh the same question about why he is no longer working with Karan Aujla. Sukh replied that whenever Karan would ask him, he is ready to work, he is a professional and it’s his business to work with artists. Everybody is equal to him.

A fan even asked Sukh, ‘What happened with Karan Aujla’ asking about his current relations with the star. Sukh looked confused, “Why is everyone asking this, nothing’s happened!”

Apart from all the interrogation about Sukh and Karan relations at present, a fan also asked the question everyone wanted to ask Sukh, “Why did you upload Sidhu Moosewala’s videos so late?”. Sukh Sanghera replied that his videos were ready beforehand and the video, talking probably about IDGAF, was delayed because he received the official audio of the song very late. Sukh’s QnA session was a very interesting one and we finally got to know about the Sukh-Aujla equation. 

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