Why is Lakha Sidhana Detained By Punjab Police? Here’s The Complete Story

Lakha Sidhana, a prominent figure associated with the farmer’s protest movement in India, has been detained by the Punjab Police. His apprehension comes in the wake of a dispute that took place outside Sarvhitkari Vidya Mandir School.

Lakha Sidhana, who was demonstrating outside Sarvhitkari Vidya Mandir School, was detained by the Punjab Police. Lakha claimed that the school wasn’t providing Punjabi language education to students and was imposing penalties on those who used Punjabi. He had a confrontation with the school principal during an incident there yesterday.

The issue involving Lakha Sidhana has raised concerns among parents of students attending Sarvhitkari Vidya Mandir. They allege that the school administration is imposing restrictions on the use of the Punjabi language. 

Furthermore, it is reported that a student’s ‘Kara’ bracelet, adorned with Gurmukhi (ੳ ਅ) engravings, was confiscated. This has sparked a debate on cultural and religious freedom within the school, drawing attention from the wider community.

In contrast to recent events, the school administration emphasized their commitment to respecting all religions and safeguarding people’s sentiments. They also encouraged parents to engage in open and constructive discussions, discussions to address any concerns they might have.

Harjeet Grewal, a leader associated with BJP and RSS, stated, “We’re sending a warning to Lakha Sidhana, and we will bring this matter to the attention of the Central Government. 

Adding to this he  remarked, ‘If the Punjab Government holds him in high regard, they could appoint him as the Senior Superintendent of Police in any district.’ Grewal also suggested that Sidhana belongs in prison.

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