Here’s Why Lamborghini Doesn’t Make TV Commercials For Their Cars

Here's Why Lamborghini Doesn't Make TV Commercials For Their Cars
Image Credit: SDVH

Over the years, Lamborghini has established itself as one of the most luxurious automobile brands all over the world and a statement of being super-rich. You will be blown away by the fact that these multi-million-dollar car producers have struggled over the years to sell their set-target number of cars to remain financially viable. 

When a company fails to achieve its targets, its image is hugely damaged. But for Lamborghini, this is not the case! Lamborghini still remains in the eyes of the world as one of the most lavish and dreamy brands in the world, boasting of its status symbol. It is their advertising strategy that makes Lamborghini still stand strong in the game.

Have you ever seen a Lamborghini TV commercial? Did you even see a huge Hollywood celebrity asking you to Lamborghini, convincing you of its supernatural features? No! Because there are none. Lamborghini does not use TV commercials to advertise their products because they know what they do to make their brand value stand tall.

The reason why Lamborghini does not advertise on TV is that their customer is a wealthy-middle-aged-man. While most men of this age group do watch TV, Lamborghini’s target customers amount to only 1%. This makes TV advertisements an expensive waste for Lamborghini.

Also, Lamborghini believes that the TV advertisement is opted mostly by every other automobile brand. This would bring down their brand identity and make them one from the crowd. 

So, the question is how does Lamborghini actually advertise. The answer to this is, social media! Lamborghini’s social media advertising is remarkable. Motor shows, exhibitions, magazines and dealer promotions are the ways through which Lamborghini finds customers for itself. 

You would have surely been surprised by the unique advertising strategy of Lamborghini and their thought process. Did you already know about this?

Featured Image Credit: SDVH

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