Why Are Tyres Always Black In Color? This Is The Reason!!

Have you ever heard someone say what color tire should I buy? We guarantee never! Because there’s no color options for tyres except black that’s what forced us to think about the reason behind, ‘why are the colors of tyres always black?’ In this article we have answered this mysterious question that might help you out too.

To know the reason for the black color of tyres, we went 125 years back and got shocked to know that tyres were not always black. In 1895, when tyres were invented, the color of tyres were used to be milky white, the natural color of rubber.

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In the initial days, tyres used to be made only of rubber which usually weren’t that durable as the tyres we see these days. So the tyremakers started adding carbon compounds in rubber to make the tyres more durable on the roads. Not only the durability, black carbon is also responsible for the stability and grip of a tyre on the road.

These carbon compounds are the major reason why tyres are black in color.  Carbon Black is now the most important component for the tyre industry because of its capacity to accomplish magnificent durability in a wheel.

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While Carbon Black gave origin to black color in the tyre, it is also accountable for several other features that are expected in a tyre. We hope now you know why the color of tyres are black and being honest black is best..isn’t it?

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