Will Diljit’s Moon Child Era Include An Upbeat Bhangra Song Too? Read To Know

Will Diljit’s Moon Child Era Include An Upbeat Bhangra Song Too? Read To Know

Diljit Dosanjh knows the tricks to stay in the highlights and trending on social media. Sometimes he cooks, sings, talks to Alexa and other times entertains us with his songs and announcements of upcoming projects. And for now we all know that he is currently in news for his upcoming album ‘Moon Child Era’ which will be releasing shortly. 

Read to Know The Meaning Of Diljit Dosanjh’s Upcoming Album Moon Child Era

 While there are various comments and updates about the release of this album, do you know about the ongoing discussion of whether or not this album should include a bhangra song? Yes you read that right. Diljit Dosanjh is finally planning to fulfil his fans’ desire and include an up-beat bhangra song in his upcoming album.

He recently took it to his Instagram account where he shared a picture with Intense and Raj Ranjodh and gave the post an amazing caption. He wrote,

Bana de ve Bana De BHANGRE WALA GANA


Later, Intense shared the post on his Instagram story and wrote,

No need for dhol mixes we have a dhol song

And these indirect messages from both of these artists are enough for us to assume that a great song is in the making which is going to force you on its beats. By the way, the first song of Diljit Dosanjh’s upcoming album ‘Moon Child Era’ will be titled The Chosen One and has been announced already

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