A Woman Mistakenly Sends UPI Money To A Wrong Number, Then This Happened

One thing we all fear is sending money to the wrong receiver through UPI. Yes! This is the biggest fear we all have because you never know what kind of person the other receiver is. What if they don’t send your money back? Or what if by chance you send your money to a hacker? 

Well, digital transactions are surely seamless and very convenient but what if you make a blunder by sending money to a wrong receiver through a UPI transaction? What if they don’t send your money back? Or maybe they do? 

A similar instance happened with a woman who took to her social media account to explain the incident. So, a woman shared screenshots of her conversation with a person to whom she sent the money by mistake. After receiving the money, the receiver first acknowledged that he had received money from a stranger. 

After that the woman contacted him and told everything. At first the stranger did some prank and refused to return the money, but after sometime he actually returned it!! 

Here is her social media post

After this post went viral, a lot of people on Twitter praised the stranger for his honesty and said that his actions have restored their faith in humanity. 

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