World’s Rarest Passport: This Passport Is Valid For A Decade

World's Rarest Passport: This Passport Is Valid For A Decade

You must have heard about the world’s strongest passport. Like the passports of Japan or Germany which are considered to be the most powerful in the world. 

Passport shows the strength of any country. For example, Japanese passport holders can visit 194 countries without a visa. But do you know about the rarest passport? The world’s rarest passport is that of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. It is also known as the Knights of Malta.

World's Rarest Passport: This Passport Is Valid For A Decade

It is a sovereign nation, with UN observer status and its own constitution. But it doesn’t have any land.

The car number is issued by this country, that too when it does not have any road of its own. It has its own stamp, currency and passport. 

The Order of Malta issued the first passports during the 1300s, when its diplomats traveled to other countries with documents to confirm their status as ambassadors. 

There are currently about 500 diplomatic passports from the order in circulation, making it the rarest passport in the world.

World's Rarest Passport: This Passport Is Valid For A Decade

How does the passport look?

The crimson passport of the place possibly symbolizes the blood of Jesus Christ. This is especially extended to Council members and leaders of diplomatic missions, as well as their families.

According to the report, the name of the organization is written in French in golden letters on this red colored passport. De Petri Testaferrata, president of the Malta-based order, says the order grants passports to members of their governments for the duration of their tenure.

The Grand Masters’ passport is valid for a decade, the longest period because he is elected for two terms. They are required to retire by the age of 85. 


On the other hand, other passports are valid for four years and are used for diplomatic missions. Passports have 44 pages. Instead of a picture or quotes, it only has a watermark of the Cross of Malta.

According to De Petri Testaferrata, the passport is accepted by two-thirds of the Schengen members. Despite not having formal diplomatic relations, the Order cooperates closely with many countries, including France, the UK and the US.

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