Elvish – Avinash To Jad – Bebika, Here Are Some Of The Worst Fights Of Bigg Boss OTT 2

The most controversial reality show, Bigg Boss OTT 2, is almost about to shoot its final episode. Every Bigg Boss fan is right now eagerly waiting and praying for their favorite one to win.

Every season of Bigg Boss has some exciting twists and controversies. As the grand finale of the Salman Khan hosted show is around the corner, let’s revisit some of the biggest Bigg Boss OTT 2 fights.

Jad Hadid Showed Butt To Bebika Dhurve

In one of the episodes, while Jiya and Hadid were washing dishes in the kitchen, Bebika came and started to shout because of some reason. Hadid said he doesn’t want to speak to ‘this girl’. Both of them started fighting. 

Jad told Bebika that her family would be embarrassed because of her. To which Bebika replied that Jad should be atleast to true to himself.

Moving out of the discussion Jad Hadid showed his Butt to Bebika and said  “Talk to my a**”. After this, Bebika broke into tears and took all her luggage out to the show, but Bigg Boss assured her that the matter will be discussed. Hadid didn’t apologize even after many contestants told him that this act is not acceptable.

Pooja Bhatt Vs Bebika Dhurve 

Pooja Bhatt and Bebika Dhurve emerged as good friends in the show. But once they too got into a fight. During the finale episode, both of them got into an argument. 

It started when Bebika and Manisha got into a quarrel and Pooja Bhatt stopped her from doing this. But Bebika told Pooja that she always targets her. Pooja Bhatt said “When I like someone, I give them the privilege to bite my head if they want to. I’ve given that thing to Bebika because I like her as a person. I don’t tell others anything because I don’t have any expectations from them. However, Bebika will continue to feel that I target her only.”

Bebika said, “This is not right Pooja ma’am. I’ve noticed that you always target me. I feel bad about it and I think you should also tell others about their mistakes.” But both of them later got their misunderstandings cleared by communicating to each other.

Elvish And Avinash’s Fight

It all started while Avinash was brooming the living area and Elvish was making fun of him. Elvish told Avinash “the broom shouldn’t touch my body, be careful and then clean the house”. Initially Avinash was all cool and didn’t react but later both of them got into a heated discussion and even used abusive words during their fight. Elvish abused Avinash, saying “bewakoof ka bacha hai kya (Are you the child of a stupid person)..I wasn’t even talking about you so better stay away and don’t try to fight with me”.

To which Avinash replied “Don’t dare to comment on my dad.. you don’t get to go on with my family like that.” But Elvish continued to abuse him.

Bebika Dhurve and Manisha Rani Got Into A Fight

While all the  contestants of the house were playing the angel and devil task Bebika was in the team devil, whereas Manisha was in team angel. Bebika targeted Manisha in the task to get a reaction from her and got into a heated argument with her.

Bebika told Manisha “You are desperate for male attention and your entire career is based on that. You accused me of something that is untrue.” Also when Manisha tried to hug Babika she pushed her after which Manisha broke into tears. During the argument, Manisha’s friend Abhishek Malhan defended her. 

Altercation Between Pooja Bhatt And Manisha Rani

In a task, Pooja was asked to become the director of the house and audition for the hero, heroine, Villain and more. She selected Jiya Shankar as Heroine and appointed Elvish, Bebika and Manisha to audition for Villain. To which Manisha resisted and said Jiya Shankar was casted as the heroine because she is pretty and has followers but she believes that the audience would never approve of her as the villain.

Manisha Rani said “There’s no way the audience will believe that I’m the villain. I know for a fact that I’m the heroine of the house. I know you chose Jiya as a heroine as she is pretty and has made  following.” 

Bigg Boss OTT 2 has been very entertaining so far but it is now coming to its end, leaving the fans sad that they won’t be entertained with the in-house contestants anymore.

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