WYTB Review: The Cute Banter Between Aujla And His Lady Love Gives This Song All Hearts

Are you in a complicated love zone where you are trying to woo a girl but your unwanted traits are stopping it from happening? This latest song by Karan Aujla is exactly what we are talking about, that is no less than a true story of a random brown boy and girl. 

A stubborn guy expressing his feelings for a particular girl but the latter denying from accepting him due to his tough qualities. Well, Karan Aujla and Gurlej Akhtar’s WYTB, What You Talkin Bout, is a cute song filled with a little banter between a girl and a boy. Gurlej and Aujla have come together once again for this duet track to gain all the praises from the listeners. 

The unique music video of WYTB has attracted the mass audience and director Qarn Mallhi is getting positive reviews for the same. Slow claps for him for this video! The unusual camera angles and similarly Karan Aujla’s efforts in giving the best of himself has made this song a must watch. 

Talking about the music, Yeah Proof has become a constant superhit giver along with Karan Aujla. It is not the first time Karan Aujla-Gurlej Akhtar-Yeah Proof have collaborated for a song but we have witnessed them together in the song ‘Red Eyes’.  

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A beautiful lyrical work with good video, WYTB is an overall a fascinating duet track. WYTB is available for everyone to hear on every platform and the official music video has been released on the Youtube channel of Rehaan Records. 

Can we already consider you liking this song already? Well, we are sure about ourselves. 

Listen to the full music video of WYTB here: 

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