Yaar Chale Bahar Episode 6 Review: Yaadi’s Song Creates Havoc As 1st Season Concludes

Yaar Chale Bahar Episode 6 – My Queen is out on Youtube. The episode is also the season finale and ends the first season of the amazing web series. However, the episode doesn’t seem to have actually moved to any conclusion.

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The episode starts with Lovedeep waiting for his “queen’s” text message. She doesn’t reply to Lovedeep for a week. Unaware of the situation he’s going through, Lovedeep keeps his hopes high for going to Canada.

After his breakup with Gurleen, Harry seems to have returned to his village without telling anybody. We didn’t get to see even a shot of Harry in the whole season finale episode. An unhappy Nimrat reaches the institute after her fixed engagement with Mintu. While everyone else congratulates Nimrat, Pallavi reads her unhappiness and comes to know about Mintu’s cheap antics.

On the other hand, Karamveer reaches out to his old friend Satti. Karam has given up his chances to go to Canada through IELTS and has fallen prey to Rommy’s LMAI gateway of going abroad. However, it is a far more expensive route to take. 

Karam insists Satti to take a 30-lakh loan from his father. Satti reaches Karam’s house and demands 30 lakh from Karam’s father, however, what follows leaves us all stunned. Watch the episode to know what happens afterwards.

The highlight of the last episode was Yaadi’s song. JJ and Yaadi finally release their much awaited song. They first preview it in their class. Preet’s shot didn’t come out as everyone expected. Coming from a strict family, Preet fears her parents if they saw the music video. 

Saman, who had insisted Preet to act in Yaadi’s video, requests Yaadi to delete Preet’s shot from the video. But JJ and Yaadi look completely reluctant to. They even release the song officially and it garners over 5,000 views in just a few minutes.

An angry Saman tells Yaadi to delete the song even if it has 5 million views. When he tries to reach for JJ’s phone, Yaadi pushes him. Yaadi keeps on pushing Saman and finally Saman hits back! But this doesn’t improve things between the two, rather ends the season on a note we didn’t want. Watch the series to know what happened after that,

Overall, episode 6 was a key episode in the story but it somehow didn’t feel like a conclusive episode. It ended the first season but for a 6-episode entertaining series, this was a disappointing and an abrupt end. It felt like the team rushed to close the first season and all they had in mind was build-up for the second season, with first season holding no significant meaning to itself.

The first season was amazing in all senses but the last episode. It wasn’t a conclusion at all. A web series needs to hold meaning to each one of its seasons, like Yjkd did. While all both the seasons of Yjkd held meaning to themselves, they were also closely woven with each other but the same can’t be said for Yaar Chale Bahar.

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