Yaar Anmulle Returns Movie Review: A Tale Of Unbreakable Bond Of Friendship And More

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Starcast: Prabh Gill, Harish Verma, Yuvraj Hans, Navpreet Banga, Jasleen Slaich, Nikeet Dhillon and more.

Directed by: Harry Bhatti

They say it’s the best feeling when you get exactly what you had waited for. And we believe watching Yaar Anmulle Returns was the same for us. The most awaited movie of the superhit series Yaar Anmulle is finally in the theatres and we are delighted after watching it.

Yaar Anmulle Returns is the story of three boys, Guri, Tinka & Deep, who are hostel mates, classmates and more than anything, true definition of best friends forever. As the name suggests, the movie is all about the friendship of these amazing guys which will make you want to have them by your side too. Their pure and selfless bond of friendship will definitely win your heart, but you’ll be left heartbroken when you’ll witness a misunderstanding creating rifts among them. And there is a very small spoiler for you that the misunderstandings in the movie are not only going to affect the friendship but their individual love stories too. By now, you must have got the idea that friendship and love are the key aspects of the movie, but the story touches on some other subjects too. Basically, Yaar Anmulle Returns will entertain you with emotions, relationships, punches of comedy and bullets of tears. The movie has a number of moments that will help you go on a rollercoaster ride of nostalgia. You’re going to miss your lectures, canteens, college premises, and a lot more. 

Talking about the starcast, Yaar Anmulle Returns stars Prabh Gill, Harish Verma, Yuvraj Hans in the lead roles, while Navpreet Banga, Jasleen Slaich and Nikeet Dhillon are the second leads who play their love interests. Apart from these actors, the movie also features some excellent talents like Rana Jung Bahadur, Rahul Jungral, Sukhwinder Chahal, Sanjveez Attri and more in supporting roles. But before we start elaborating their acting skills and characters of the movie, we want to highlight the fact that this film marked the acting debut of renowned singer Prabh Gill. He was so good that at no point, he’ll let you realise that he hasn’t acted in any movie before. And beside him are Yuvraj Hans and Harish Verma, who also made us fall in love with them. While Yuvraj made sure he grips on his shy lover character properly, Harish Verma’s acting skills left no opportunity to make fans’ eyes wet. But if you’re looking to know about the roleplay of female leads, you might be a little disappointed because their screen space and characters are narrowly built. 

But despite that, we cannot ignore the fact that all three lady leads did a fabulous job at performing what was assigned to them. In fact we are still obsessed with their strong characters. Be it slaying bike riding at college campus, boxing or taking the first initiative for your relationship, the girls came out as the true boss ladies.

Apart from the acting skills and storyline, the movie also reserves excellent music. Be it the background score for various scenes, the specific scores for characters or the complete playlist, Yaar Anmulle Returns stands out and has earned a 10 on 10 from us. And since the movie is shot in specific locations of Himachal Pradesh also, we were mesmerized by the excellent shots which captured the beauty of mountains and nature. The cinematography also was at par, as there were various over-the-shoulder shots which made the strong scenes hit you hard. 

But while you’ll be watching it in the theatres, more than satisfied in the first interval, there are some points in the second half which could have been better to make the overall watching experience a bliss. As the second interval of the movie will pace up, the level of your engagement and excitement decreases. The movie turns out to be predictable as everything starts to get in place and the story moves towards a happy ending. We believe the director; Harry Bhatti, could have worked a little smarter to reframe the same. Also, there are scenes which might distract you from the plot, as they give you a strong feeling of ‘Three Idiots’. Just like the Bollywood movie, here also the two friends decide to find the lost one, and also there is a scene where they all reunite at the terrace of a college building.

At last, we conclude Yaar Anmulle Returns as a must-watch for the fans of Punjabi cinema, Harish Verma, Prabh Gill and Yuvraj Hans. The movie is an entertainer and deserves to be on your watchlist. But if you are an emotional fool, the only thing we recommend is to keep a box of tissues beside you. 

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