Yaar Chale Bahar Episode 3 & 4 Review: Friends Visit MLA’s House, Inder’s Love Story Fumbles

Yaar Chale Bahar Episode 3 – MLA House is officially out on Youtube. The story follows the aftermath of JJ and Harry’s tussle at the IELTS institute! JJ, being the haughty powerful son of MLA, summons Harry at his house. Yaadi, Karamveer, Saman, Pallavi, Inder, Nimrat, Preet and Ramneek, all stand with Harry and support him in front of the MLA.

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Amidst the friends’ visit to the MLA’s house, the web series makes some political commentary on the current scenario of Punjab. You’ll have to watch the episode to know more about it! While Yaadi and JJ’s bond seems to tighten, Harry’s goes through a heartbreak as he finds out about Gurleen’s roka.

Episode 4 – Paisa Pyar PR is where things start taking off. The episode is much more intense and seems to finally shift the narrative of the series from just a bunch of students having fun at an IELTS center, to some serious drama. Armaan finally knows Mehar’s truth! How? Watch the episode to know that. You will surely be left shocked!

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Chaos breaks out as Police reach IELTS institute, however, this time it’s not JJ who’s called it. The police seek to arrest Mehar while Inder, legally a lawyer, saves her from being detained. He prepares to fight Mehar’s legal battle but puts his VISA on the line.

Both the episodes were filled with humour but were much more intense than the previous ones. All the actors seem to have developed a chemistry and formed a team that brings out the best in all of them. The future episodes are surely going to be much more interesting as the really drama now finally unfolds.

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