Yaar Chale Bahar Trailer: Enter The IELTS World Of Punjab With Whole Lot Of Vibrant & Comic Characters

The team behind the first ever and one of the most successful Punjabi web series ‘Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree’ is finally back with yet another series. This time, the team explores the most popular world of Punjab among the youth ‘The IELTS World’ with their all new web series ‘Yaar Chale Bahar’.

The official trailer of the web series ‘Yaar Chale Bahar’ has been dropped on Troll Punjabi’s official Youtube Channel. The 3 minute 34 seconds long trailer transfers you to the world created by director Rabby Tiwana and is convincing enough. The first episode of the series is all set to be released on Troll Punjabi’s Youtube Channel, on 25 June, 2022.

Starring Jass Dhillon, Gavy Daska, Yuvraj Turna, Inderjeet, Biney Jaura, Butta Badbar and many talented actors, Yaar Chale Bahar boasts off a huge and promising starcast. The storyline mainly revolves around various students pursuing their IELTS coaching in an institute in Punjab, desiring to go to Canada.

The trailer of Yaar Chale Bahar has intensity, comedy, love, music and everything that is needed for a viewer to fall in love with a web series. The subject of the series is one of the most relatable ones for Punjabis, the team has already hit bullseye with that.

To make it even better, the series is not going to be all about a bunch of students having fun in an IELTS class. The series has so many characters and each has their own story, adding the much needed adventure and curiosity in the series. There are breakups, love, fights and most probably some heart-breaking moments too!

We are all ready to experience the journey of all these vibrant and interesting characters in Rabby Tiwana’s world. We hope the audience likes Yaar Chale Bahar just like they did Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree. 25 June is the date we’ll be able to see the first episode of the series on Youtube.

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