Yaaran Da Rutbaa Movie Review – A Murder Mystery With Twists & Unpredictability

StarcastDev Kharoud, Prince Kanwaljit Singh, Rahul Dev, Yesha Sagar, Karanveer Khullar, Raman Dhagga
DirectorMandeep Benipal
Kiddaan Rating

In the past few years Punjabi cinema has produced some of the best crime thrillers that have entertained the audiences through skin to bones. And with the hopes to continue the same phenomenon a new Punjabi crime thriller film ‘Yaaran Da Rutbaa’ released on the silver screens. We have already watched the movie and penned this Yaaran Da Rutbaa movie review to guide you for the expectations you should hold before watching this film.

‘Yaaran Da Rutbaa’ stars Dev Kharoud and Prince Kanwaljit Singh in lead roles. Yesha Sagar is the leading lady of the movie, while Rahul Dev, Karanveer Khullar & Raman Dhagga play some pivotal roles in this mystery thriller. Daakuan Da Munda fame director Mandeep Benipal has helmed the project. Now without any further delay let’s dive into this Yaaran Da Rutbaa movie review to know what this movie has to offer to its audience. 


Beginning our Yaaran Da Rutbaa movie review with the story of the movie. So the movie’s plot revolves around the murder of Brar (Raman Dhagga), a Gambling bookmaker, which is blamed on Arjun (Dev Kharoud). The story gets more complex when Porus, the writer (Prince Kanwaljit), takes interest in the case. Arjun eyes every friend and foe in order to prove his innocence but will he be able to solve this murder mystery? You’ll have to watch the movie to know the answers.

Now if we talk about the weightage of the story then we must say it was unique in its own way. Shree Brar has brilliantly written a piece that Punjabi cinema has not seen ever before. Yes! We also feel that the story could have ended in a more suspenseful and a better way but overall, this is surely one of the finest mystery thrillers of Punjabi cinema history.

Acting & Performances

Moving on to the next criteria in our Yaaran Da Rutbaa movie review and that is acting and performances. And when we talk about the acting of Dev Kharoud, one thing that automatically comes to our mind is intensity. The way Dev has portrayed Arjun’s character in the movie is outstanding. He poured the perfect balance of swag, pain, love and action as per the demand of the character.

Talking about the one guy that completely owned the film, Mr. Prince Kanwaljit Singh. There will not be any wrong in saying that Prince is undoubtedly the best thing of Punjabi cinema right now. Prince Kanwaljit is playing Porus, the writer in the film, and similar to his character of Pamma from Warning, Porus is also a half-crack guy. If we define Prince Kanwaljit’s performance in one sentence then it’s like each and every high point of the film features this guy.

Yesha Sagar has played the role of Reet, the love interest of Arjun and also the daughter of Brar, whose murder is blamed on Arjun. She looked damn gorgeous in the film. You can’t take your eyes off her when she appears on the screen. Well, many would not talk about this, but her stylist should get a pay raise. Not only the beauty she possesses, Yesha also delivered a fine performance in the film. 

Apart from these, Rahul Dev, Karanveer Khullar, Raman Dhagga and others have also played their roles brilliantly. In other words, there’s no room for disappointment from any single actor of the film in terms of performances.

Writing & Direction

Yaaran Da Rutbaa has been directed by Mandeep Benipal, who has previously helmed blockbuster films like Daakuan Da Munda and Daakuan Da Munda 2. And for this obvious reason, expectations from Mandeep were sky high and he doesn’t disappoint you at all. The way he managed the talent, eyeing the potential they come with, is commendable. However, he could have focused a little more on the length and climax of the film that landed flat but overall, he has pulled off a great job.

We have already mentioned above that Shree Brar has given one of the most unique stories to Punjabi cinema through ‘Yaaran Da Rutbaa’. The twists and turns of the film are very well written. The characters are written outstandingly as each and every character of the film comes with a swag of his own and that’s what actually excited us the most about the film. However, we had said it before and we’ll say it again, the climax could have been better.

Music & Dialogues

Now let’s talk about the music of the movie in this Yaaran Da Rutbaa movie review. Background Music was loud and used excessively but that actually worked for the film to get a better response from the audience at the high points.

Its songs are one of the best things about this movie. We personally loved Rutbaa by Jordan Sandhu the most, however Mankirt Aulakh’s Rise N Shine and Jigra by Harmeet Aulakh are also damn good.

If we rate the Dialogues of the movie, it would be around 50-50 as some dialogues were too good to be good, while some were pretty average.


Overall, Yaaran Da Rutbaa is a unique film that you’ll love watching if you are a fan of murder mysteries. Moreover, the performances of Prince Kanwaljit Singh and Dev Kharoud also makes this movie a good watch for Punjabi cinema lovers. However, the movie has a very weak climax eyeing the unpredictable storyline it boasts earlier into the film.

Now, concluding this Yaaran Da Rutbaa movie review with our final words. So Yaaran Da Rutbaa is a wonderful murder mystery with an unpredictable storyline but an average climax. Team Kiddaan rates Yaaran Da Rutbaa 4 stars on the scale of 5. The deduction in ratings is only due to the average climax and the length of the movie. However we also feel that it definitely deserves your view because of its uniqueness and outstanding performances. So if you love uniqueness or crime thrillers ‘Yaaran Da Rutbaa’ could be a good entertainer for you. Just book your tickets, grab a bucket of popcorn and enjoy…

Haven’t watched the trailer of ‘Yaaran Da Rutbaa’ yet? Here it is – 

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