Yesha Sagar Criticises Punjabi Music Industry To Not Give Credits To Female Actors

Yesha Sagar Criticises Punjabi Music Industry To Not Give Credits To Female Actors

It’s the 21st century and Punjabi Music Industry is nowhere a male-dominated industry. On one hand where female singers like Gurlez Akhtar, Afsana Khan and many more are leading the singing sector, Punjabi models like Yesha Sagar are the leading ladies in Punjabi music videos.

But a minute detail, that reflects a strong perception of the whole industry, states the contrary. While the industry boasts off its female dominance, it fails to recognise their work. Yesha Sagar, who is a leading model appearing in many Punjabi hit songs like Shah Ji, Lost Love, 2 Seater and many more, brought some light to the recognition that female leads get for their work in the Punjabi Industry.

She uploaded an Instagram story, taking a stand against the male-centric thought process of the industry. A fan’s reply on her previous story asked her why the actress wasn’t given her due credits in the last song. Addressing which, Yesha wrote that It’s very sad for the female models when they put in everything they got in the song and their work is not even recognised. Calling it ‘Disrespectful’, the actress raised her voice against the industry for not giving credits to female models.

Another leading model, Yashika Talwar, came out in support of Yesha. Supporting her statement, Yashika called for the industry to start giving credits to female leads too. She added that it’s very sad to see Punjabi Music Industry still stuck in that old male dominance phase. If someone shares screens with you, they have all the rights to have their name mentioned in the credits as they’ve earned it through absolute hard work. 

Yashika Talwar has made important appearances in the music videos of songs like Pyaar Mangdi by Jassie Gill, Taare by Sidhu Moosewala and Harlal Bath and many more. She had recently uploaded a picture with Karan Aujla and there are strong speculations that she will be a part of Karan Aujla’s BacThafu*UP. 

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