YKWIM Review: This Banger Track Gives The Audience A Way To Expect More Of Karan Aujla And Krsna’s Collaborations

Can we skip to the good part? Yes, just go and tap on the newly released track of our beloved ‘Geet’an Di Machine’ on Youtube. And another amusing thing, it is a collaborative track of Aujla with one of the most celebrated rappers of the Music industry, Kr$na. 

We were expecting an amazing collab from this duo but we were not sure that it would come out this stupendous that we would already be listening to the track on repeat. Karan Aujla has never left any stone unturned in making his fans feel special and this time he has released a single track after a wait of many months, on his birthday. However, the listeners already smelled the rat of how superb this track is going to be and after its release it became so true. 

How can we forget to praise the whip-smart lyrics of Aujla? The very startling writing of Karan in this song has two sides, one is of course quite commercial and the other is the realistic pen he has put into the song. The last few lines of YKWIM is what make us go on toes and his vocals go amazingly perfect with his lyrical lines. 

When the hints were making their way of the collaboration of Aujla and Kr$na we already expected a banger and Kr$na is accordingly seen with his incredible Rap in the song. The Indian and western touch the rapper gives in his tracks are to be stuck at and we are nowhere behind in the line to praise the part Kr$na has played in YKWIM. 

Coming to the music, Yeah Proof was sure to deliver his best tunes through the song. Earlier collaborations of Yeah Proof with Karan Aujla were examples beforehand, and the coming out of this song made us believe more in his music. Punjabi singer Meharvaani is the super cool addition in YKWIM as the female vocalist and Rupan Bal is sure to be not forgotten. Rupan has gone another level high in this music video, making it more realistic and eye-catching for the viewers. 

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We come forward with our deepest thanks to Karan Aujla and Kr$na for giving us an astounding and blasting track with the start of the new year and that on Aujla’s birthday. We have already left our hearts and ears to this song and we aren’t making it go out of our playlist any soon. 

Happy Birthday ‘Geet’an Di Machine’ aka Karan Aujla! 

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