You Think Sidhu Moosewala Can Sing Only Gun Songs? This List Will Change Your Mind

Sidhu Moosewala, arguably the undisputed king of the Punjabi music industry, is popularly known around the world among listeners of Punjabi music to sing a lot about guns and violence.

Most of his songs are speaker blowers and can make blood rush up to your head. The position that Sidhu has gained in this short span of time, can surely not be obtained just by singing a genre of songs. Versatility is one strength of Sidhu that is underrated among the audience. Sidhu Moosewala surely sings some of the best gun songs, but are these the only songs he sings? Think again!

Here is the list Of 10 Songs that will change your mind and make you question yourself if Sidhu sings just ‘gun songs’ :


Dear Mama

I’m Better Now

Sohne Lagde


Dark Love


It’s All About You

Ajj Kal Ve

Cut Off

These songs are must-haves in your love and soothing playlists. The lyrics of some songs will make you shed a tear while some will remind you of someone special. Sidhu Moosewala has explored various genres of music and has tried his pen in all types of songs. So calling him an artist who only does ‘gun songs’ might not be justified, ask yourself again!

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