You Will Be Amazed After Knowing The Price Of Diljit Dosanjh’s Outfit

Diljit Dosanjh always turns heads with his tracks and albums. His success is so massive that he even made it to the billboards of Time Square, New York. His Midas touch can make any album flying through the roof. Moreover, the singer’s album G.O.A.T is record-breaking and had a trend at number one in various countries.

This turbantor is a trendsetter, not in terms of singing but also fashion. The fashionista believes in Flamboyance and minimalism. And there’s no doubt about that as we have seen it every time. From loud neon goes, eye catching prints or unique accessories, he knows how to point it out.

Now let’s take a sneak peak in Diljit’s oh-so-expensive wardrobe. These costly items can make you laugh at your bank account balance.

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This swagger Sardar was spotted wearing a TNF X Supreme jacket which cost around 55,161 Rs. He paired the jacket with a Bape Clothing white t-shirt which commands 8,082 Rs and matched with a funky supreme lower that close to 22,702 Rs. He further amplified his fashion with a Rolex watch costing 1,40,000 Rs. The shoe freak wore his favourite Balenciaga that cost 79,327 Rs. 

Through his price chart we know Punjabis and expensive clothes are inseparable. When the prices of the outfit are totalled, it amounts to 15,65,272 Rs. 

Ahead, we take a closer look at his more-is-more aesthetic.

To know more about the outfit details of Punjabi artists, then must go through the Instagram page of Pbfits. They have details of outfits and their price.

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