You Will Be Surprised To Know How Nimrat Khaira Spends Time At Home

You Will Be Surprised To Know How Nimrat Khaira Spends Time At Home

Known for her work in Punjabi music and film industry, Nimrat Khaira is a very widely loved Indian singer and actor. The popular musician was also the winner of the Punjabi music reality television show called Voice of Punjab in its third season. While Nimrat has constantly given her audience numerous melodious songs, she has also proven herself to be one of the most engaging singers with her songs garnering endless love each day and achieving commercial success as well. 

From promoting her upcoming music to sharing her photos from photoshoots, Nimrat does it all on her Instagram handle and fans thoroughly enjoy interacting with their much-loved singer. But talking about her real life, she has a very shy nature. This introverted singer once revealed that she feels happiest and blessed when she is at work but when asked about her past time, Nimrat was found alone doing nothing and prefer to spend time with herself. When she doesn’t go to work, she doesn’t do anything and remains free all the time. Because of her reserved nature, she loves to spend time alone. It helps her to feel more energised that time. 

She also disclosed that if she gets open with someone, she becomes a different person and opens her heart out.

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