Your Favourite Punjabi Artists As Lays Flavours. Which Flavour Would You Like To Try

Lays and Punjabi songs, both are an essential part of our lives. A fun evening with friends, a car ride, a trip, everything is incomplete without this deadly combination. Let’s take a look at an amazing and creative artwork by Punjabi Instagram content creators ‘The AvTv’ and ‘Kiddaan’ on this combo that depicts various 

Punjabi Celebrities As Different Flavours Of Lays

Amrinder Gill as Spanish Tango Tomato

The melody king of the industry looks exactly like everyone’s choice, the Red Lays or the Spanish Tango Tomato. Both of them are fan-favourites, there’s no doubt about that.

Diljit Dosanjh as Calm Cream & Onion

What is better suited for the GOAT of the industry than the Green ‘Calm Cream and Onion’ flavour? This flavour is the only one that does not have any haters, just like our Dil-jeet Dosanjh. 

Gippy Grewal as India’s Magic Masala

This list is so perfect. Gippy in the blue jacket looks exactly like the counterpart flavour. The title is perfect in every sense too, Gippy is indeed the Magical Masala superstar of the industry.

Babbu Maan as Classic

The basic, calm and un-hateable! The yellow flavour is indeed made for Babbu Maan. What word can better describe this legendary artist than ‘Classic’. Classic is loved by kids as well as elderly people, due to the calmness in its flavours, just like the all-generation hit, Babbu Maan.

Sidhu Moose Wala as Maxx ‘Sizzling Barbeque’

The spicy-sizzler of the industry, Sidhu Moosewala is best suited for the title. Sizzling Barbeque was a newcomer to the list of Lays flavours and instantly became everyone’s favourite. So you see the parallelism between Sidhu and Sizzling Barbeque! right?

Karan Aujla as Maxx ‘Macho Chilli’

Be it Karan Aujla’s pet dialogue or his artwork, both make this combination completely accurate. After listening to Karan Aujla tracks and eating the ‘Macho Chilli’, one thing is for sure, ‘Mirch taan Larhi ae’!

Created by The AvTv and Kiddaan, two of the biggest Punjabi content creators on Instagram, the depiction of Lays flavours as Punjabi artists is one out-of-the-box yet brilliant idea. The idea’s been executed so well that the choices of artists and showing them as the lays flavours are completely un-questionable!

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