YouTube Short Creators Can Now Use Clips From Any Video On YT. Check Out How

YouTube is the most used and popular video-sharing website which is used by billions of people. And its popular feature YouTube shorts are also giving tough competition to TikTok and Instagram Reels. The concept here is also the same, the users are allowed to make not more than 60 seconds of short entertaining videos to engage more audience. 

But it seems that YouTube is planning to go ahead in the race. It has recently been announced that the YouTube Shorts creators will now be able to use video clips from billions of videos available on YouTube. Yes, without any copyright claim striking on your video, you can use up to 5 seconds segments from any YouTube video. 

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For this, YouTube has launched an extension to the ‘remix’ tool which earlier allowed creators to extract and use audio from the YouTube videos. In a recent update, YouTube announced, 

Create your own short videos using our Shorts creation tools to mix in music from our Audio Library or use original audio from videos across YouTube. Shorts you make with sampled audio are attributed back to the source creator’s original video.”

But this update has also come with certain terms and conditions. Like, if you upload a short video, you’ve created elsewhere, make sure that any copyright-protected material you’ve used is approved for your use on YouTube. Also, music videos with copyrighted content from YouTube’s music partners are not eligible to be remixed.

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