YouTuber CarryMinati Net Worth Earnings: You Will Be Shocked For Sure

Indian YouTuber, Ajey Nagar, popularly known as Carryminati is famous for his roast centric videos on YouTue. This young YouTuber became famous after one of his roast videos went viral on social media.

Recently, he ruled over the hearts of his fans from his video YouTube Vs TikTok, due to which he was involved in a controversy. But the video was later removed for violating terms and service. Have you ever thought about how much this 20-years YouTuber earns from his terrific videos?

Let’s know more about him and his income.

Carryminati’s income has never been directly disclosed to the audience. But according to some official news portals, it is revealed that he earns ₹10lakh per month from Youtube ads only but if we include superchats and sponsors,  the amount will rise up to over ₹15-25lakh per month.


About Carry Minati

Carry is known for his special way of talking while describing in his videos. Other than live gaming, he started creating diss videos, song parodies and satirical comedy videos. Before naming his channel CarryMinati, Ajey named his channel Addicted A1 where he shared videos of gaming. Also, he used to mimic Hrithik Roshan and Sunny Deol while playing counter-strike.

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