YouTuber Dank Rishu’s Latest Video ‘Content Chowkidar Elvish Yadav’ Deleted From YouTube

A video recently went very viral on the video-sharing platform Youtube. The video titled ‘Content Chowkidar Elvish Yadav’ was uploaded by Youtuber Dank Rishu. It was a roast video of another popular Youtube Content Creator, Elvish Yadav. The video has been taken down from the platform citing cyberbullying issues.

In the roast video of Elvish Yadav, Dank Rishu was seen making various comments on Elvish. He roasted various contradictory statements made by Elvish, he even roasted his content on youtube. The audience had mixed reviews about Dank Rishu’s roast.

Today, all of a sudden, the video got deleted from Youtube citing issues related to cyberbullying. On opening Dank Rishu’s roast video of Elvish Yadav, Youtube says that the video has been removed for violating the platform’s policies of ‘harassment and bullying’. Dank Rishu tweeted through his official Twitter handle and showed disappointment on Youtube’s action. Dank Rishu tweeted that he only showed clips of Elvish in the video and if that comes under cyberbullying?

The roast Youtuber is not happy with Youtube for taking down the video. According to him he only showed Elvish’s own clips and statements made by him. There’s no reply from Elvish Yadav on the roast or the removal of the video yet. 

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