Youtuber Gauravzone Arrested For Filming At Prohibited Site In UP

Popular Youtuber Gauravzone has become one of the most controversial YouTubers in the country in recent times. The creator has once again landed himself in legal trouble for allegedly shooting at a restricted religious site in Vrindavan, UP.

Gauravzone was held responsible for shooting at ‘Nidhivan Raj’ at night. The place in Uttar Pradesh’s Vrindavan, is an important religious site for the Hindu religion and is prohibited from any type of filming. It is believed to be the place where Lord Krishna and Radha play ‘Raas Lila’ during night and nobody is allowed to enter the place at that time.

Interestingly, Gaurav Sharma aka Gauravzone, is the same Youtuber who was arrested in May for letting his dog, Dollar, float in open air, tied to balloons. Though he was later released, he had to delete the video from his channel and publicly apologise for his act. 

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Now, he has again been arrested by the Police from his residence in Delhi. During interrogation, the Youtuber agreed that he filmed a video at the restricted holy place on 6 November along with his cousin Prashant and his friends Mohit and Abhishek. Police Official Martand Prakash Singh said that the police are currently looking for his associates.

It is not the only instance we have seen Gauravzone landing himself in serious trouble. Aside from the legal problems he’s dragged himself in through his actions, there have been many instances of him being indulged in controversies with other Youtubers. His controversy with Flying Beast attracted huge public attention. The fate of Gauravzone is yet to be decided by the Police. 

Source: NDTV

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