Youtuber Happy Goldsmith Apologizes For Animated Video Showing Alleged Violence Against PM Modi

You might have come across a viral video, or at least a reference to it, showing a Youtuber playing a video game wherein an in-game character can be seen beating another character to death. While it might seem like a casual gaming video to you but it has turned out to be a huge trouble for the creator, Happy Goldsmith.

Manpreet Singh, who runs the channel ‘Happy Goldsmith’,  is a Punjabi Youtuber, dedicated to entertaining the audience with his gaming videos. He has a subscriber-base of over 295k and is the leading Punjabi gaming video creator. A couple of days ago, a video of him playing popular video game GTA 5 went viral, wherein he allegedly imitated the killing of a character that he repeatedly describes as ‘Modi’.

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At the end of the video, he succeeds in killing the character and this has turned out to be a problem for the creator. The video instantly went viral all over social media and Happy was called out by many for his behaviour and the type of video he created. Soon, the Youtuber made the video private on his channel but it was not the end. He was blamed for imitating the killing of the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

Now, he uploaded a Youtube video, publicly apologizing for the mistake he made. He described that he’s a young creator, still learning things and made the mistake in his last video as a result of his insensibility. He also revealed that the video had resulted in him and his family receiving many death threats and he had to finally upload this video, publicly apologizing.

The Youtuber also became very emotional during the video and revealed that the video going viral is a clip from one of his Youtube videos that is 4 months old. He goes on to add that the video was meant only for entertainment purposes and had no idea that it would become that big of an issue.

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