Zee Studios Urges Producers Guild To Unite & Save Punjabi Films At Multiplexes

Zee Studios is one of the most prominent production houses in Punjabi Entertainment Industry. The production has backed various successful Punjabi movies, and has many projects queued for releases this year as well. But it looks like, Zee Studios is not really happy with adhoc & lopsided change in OTT release window by major multiplex players in Punjabi markets. 

Zee Studios recently released a letter to the Production Guild Of India. And in the letter, Zee has explained the problem and also urged the production guild to unite and help the Punjabi movies. 

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The letter by Zee Studios highlights the norm and mentions, “As a norm; non-Hindi language films (popularly referred to as regional films) have been granted a 4 week window across the country. This includes Tamil and Telugu films as well-which have been box office drivers for the whole nation.”

Zee Studios expressed the change in theatrical windows of Punjabi movies. The letter reads, “It is unfortunate that major multiplexes operating in the Punjabi industry have taken an unequitable stand of changing the theatrical window to 8 weeks instead of the previously agreed 4 weeks. These major multiplexes insist that Punjabi producers/distributors sign a letter/undertaking before the release of a Punjabi film agreeing to an 8-week holdback window, failing which the said major multiplexes refuse to screen the film in their multiplexes/cinemas.”

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The letter also has a mention for the Punjabi movies as they get the lowest  percentage shares amongst all film categories in the country.

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