Zila Sangrur Review: Watch This Web Series To Revive The Criminal Drama Fan Inside You

Kiddaan Rating

Cast: Prince Kanwaljit Singh, Babbal Rai & Raghveer Boli.

Directed by: Maneesh Bhatt

The latest and original web series Zila Sangrur is finally out on Chaupal TV, and is winning the hearts of the fans. The seven-episode-long web series has a lot to offer to entertain the fans. It stars Prince Kanwaljit, Babbal Rai and Raghveer Boli in the lead roles, who play three best friends from Sangrur. While Babbal Rai (Jeeta) is the one who stays in Chandigarh, the other two Pargat and Goldy (Prince Kanwaljit & Raghveer Boli stays in Sangrur with their families. 

The family of Pargat is annoyed with him and asks him to leave the house. And to this, he decides to leave the village and visit his friend Jeeta in Chandigarh, and Goldy accompanies him. And the series of criminal incidents takes off immediately as their journey begins. From conning the bus conductor and then looting a shopkeeper, there is a lot that introduces them as dangerous people on screen. And when they happen to meet their friend Jeeta, there is a lot more that happens which is illegal and not ethical. 

The story of Zila Sangrur will make you witness a lot of violence, bloodshed and criminal activities which might not seem right like robbery, looting, murders, kidnapping and more. And surprising is the moment where Babbal Rai i.e. Jeeta agrees to join them. It becomes the most dangerous when the three friends unite to give rise to more crimes. And the most unexpected turn is when Jeeta agrees to kidnap his love interest. And fortunately, she succeeds in escaping but what happens next is even more heart-wrenching. 

From showcasing the romantic relationships of Jeeta with Simmi and Goldy with Roshi, the bond of friendship among three friends, their criminal masterminds, to corruption, there is a lot more that is going to keep you gripped throughout. 

The direction of Maneesh Bhatt is impressive, and we believe he has did a quite good job in making the fans stay gripped. Unlike various other crime thrillers, Zila Sangrur doesn’t repeat the series of incidents, in fact, it has something new to offer at various points. 

But talking about the interest levels that the web series develops overall, there are points which excites us to the fullest, but some are unexpectedly boring too. We believe the acting skills of various supporting characters were lacking which have affected the overall scenes on the screens. Also, we are a little disappointed with the fact that the story of the web series has not done a complete justice to its title. The maximum plot is set up in Chandigarh, and the only thing that represents Sangrur is the fact that the three friends who happen to be a criminal trio belong to Sangrur. 

But, we can expect it to get better, because we are looking forward to more as there are things which have hinted towards the second part two of this series. We are not revealing how the story ends, but we can tell you it ends at a very interesting point where there is a man who is finally behind these three buddies. 

Overall it was a good experience to watch it, and we consider it a must watch, especially for the fans of criminal drama. What’s the most amazing is the acting skills of the lead star cast i.e. Prince Kanwaljit, Babbal Rai and Raghveer Boli. 

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