Kapil Sharma To Show Struggles Of Delivery Agents In Zwigato, But Feels like Something Is Missing

Kapil Sharma is undoubtedly the most popular Comedian in India & one of the bests in the world too. Kapil’s comedy show has become a part of our life over the years. His comedy punches are so funny, accurate and on-point that it forces you to laugh even in a bad mood. This is the reason when we hear the name ‘Kapil Sharma’, the first thought we get is Comedy.

Last month Kapil announced his upcoming movie ‘Zwigato’. All of us thought this to be a comedy film obviously. But Kapil has pushed his limits and has brought something that he is not known for.


Trailer of Kapil Sharma‘s new film ‘Zwigato’ dropped on Monday, in which Kapil is seen in an avatar of a delivery boy. The 1.39-minute-long trailer started with Kapil arriving at a high-end apartment with a stack of pizza boxes, taking the stairs after reading a memo that ‘Delivery Boys Are Not Allowed To Use The Lift’.

In the trailer, Kapil Sharma is seen as a family man, father to a daughter and a son, starting his day on a positive note despite some mocking comments from his son. He also struggles to spend some quality time with his wife, played by Shahana Goswami. Things start getting more complicated for Kapil’s family as Shahana takes up a job to support them.

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Director Nandita Das has portrayed the big pain of the labour class with just a simple scene where a man runs behind Kapil screaming ‘if he can do deliveries on a cycle’. In the next scene, Kapil on his bike sees a pamphlet that reads, ‘Wo Majdoor Hai, Isiliye Majboor hai’ (He’s a labourer, that’s why he’s helpless), and responds, ‘Ya fir woh Majboor hai isiliye Majdoor hai’ (Or maybe he’s helpless, that’s why he’s a labourer).

Toward the end of the trailer, a frustrated Kapil slams his phone as an order is canceled. In a serious conversation with his wife, he says that the management wants him to run after incentives only, never complain, and be a good boy.

As per the ‘Zwigato’ makers, “the film is about an ex-floor manager of a factory who loses his job during the pandemic. He then works as a food delivery rider, grappling with the world of ratings and incentives. To support the income, his homemaker wife begins to explore different work opportunities, with fear but also excitement of a new found independence. The film is about the relentlessness of life, but not without their shared moments of joy.”


The theme of the movie is good. Makers have tried to show the struggle of the labour class but after watching the trailer, it felt like this project is made on a plain slate. Early to judge but from the trailer the story looks familiar and average. There wasn’t any one scene in the trailer that can be called ‘Unique’. The Lift scene, the Pamphlet scene and almost every major scene was already heard or seen somewhere on social media. The research could have been done more deeply and a more grounded and realistic story could have been written. 

After watching the trailer, it would not be wrong to say that Zwigato might do well at box office using Kapil’s versatility and huge fan-base but it is not a perfect representation of the theme it holds.

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Talking about the credits, Zwigato is directed by Nandita Das, who has also directed brilliant movies like ‘Manto‘ & ‘Firaaq‘. Zwigato is made under the banner of Applause Entertainment and is produced by Sameer Nair, Deepak Segal & the director Nandita Das herself.

Kapil’s film was screened at the 47th Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) 2022. The movie will now have its Asian Premiere at the 27th Busan International Film Festival, which is scheduled to take place from October 5th to 14th this year.

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