10 Best Dialogues From The Trailer Of TEEJA PUNJAB That Became Our Instant Favourite

Audiences were very anticipatedly waiting for Teeja Punjab’s trailer to be out and when it happened it got everybody on toes. The incredibility the makers have shown in the trailer has surpassed certain levels. It received an amazing response and applause from the people. 

Amberdeep Singh did amazingly well with the script and direction of the movie, whereas, Nimrat Khaira has proven herself with the boldest character she has portrayed in it. Apart from the leads, everyone has our salutes for this beautiful work they have done in the film which is all set for its release on 3rd December 2021.  

If you are one among them, we know you are, then you must have selected your favourite moments and dialogues from the trailer already. Here we have got Top 10 dialogues from Teeja Punjab’s trailer which are most probably still in people’s heads. Check out and recall the amazing dialogues from the trailer.  

  1. Mummy… Aapa Jameen V Dabb Laini Ae
    Tu Khich Ke Rakh Kamm!
  1. Thonu Ta Pata E Ae,
    Jatt Te Jameen’an Da Maa-Putt Da Rishta Hunda Ae Ji.
  1. Jehri Jameen Naal Mai Viyaah Ke Aayi Aa Na
    Je Ohde Cho Ikk Killa V Eddr Oddr Hoyea Na
    Mai Apna Jawaak Laike Neher Ch Shaal Maar Deni Ae
  1. Bebe Mainu Laggda Sab Di Jameen Jaaugi!
    Kise Di Ajj, Kise Di Kal.
  1. Jinna Chir Jameen Li Katthe Hoke Ladiye, Sir Te Meher Bhareya Hatth Rakhi
    Jiddn Kadey Aas Vich Ladey, Fer Bhaave Kann Te Vi 2-2 Rakh Di.
  1. Punjab Jinni Waari Vi Haareya Hai,
    Apne Warge Laggde Enna Gaddar’an Karke E Haareya Hai.
  1. Baapu! Mai Daati Lai Jaawa?
  1. Mohni Teri Jindagi Ta Aukhi Ae Vyi,
    Teri Jindagi Ton Blood Ni Ghatt’Da.
  1. Saare Mard Ta Dharne Ch Gaye Ne,
    Ethe Ta Sirf Na-Mard E Ghumm Rhe Ne.
  1. Baapu! Hun Ta Aapa Dove Ikko Jehe Hoge
    Jithe Tu Dere Laaye Ae, Othe Kehnde Teeja Punjab Vassda
    Te Jithe Mai Rehna
    Ohnu Teeja Punjab Kehnde Aa! 

Watch the trailer here:

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