10 Brilliant Performances of Punjabi Cinema in recent times

Kirron Kher in Punjab 1984

This film is the epitome of excellence, portraying the dark, tough, and sensitive time Punjab went through. No doubt every character in the film is performed beautifully by various artists, but Kirron Kher has especially given a marvelous performance. No doubt she has proved herself in the field of cinema for years, but when she had to feature in a Punjabi film, she presented the most powerful side of her skills. Would you believe, Kirron Kher stated in an interview, that she has not watched her film completely, because she can not stand the pain of the character. This is how deep she felt, and lived the character in the film.

Mandy Takhar in Rab Da Radio

Not one, not two, there are many scenes in the film, which became, ‘hold on, wait a second’ moment, just because of Mandy Takhar. The film was a ride of emotions and Mandy no undoubtedly lives each of them. A true performer and artist would really appreciate and love her character and acting in the film.

Do you also remember the scene, Mandy leaving her husband’s house giving Dheeraj a look of hope in her eyes?

Rana Ranbir in Ardaas

In a movie with the amazing star cast and every character is a powerful one, Rana Ranbir was able to catch the attention of the audience and made them emotional. He performed his character so beautifully that now we can not even think of any other actor being the postman writing letter in reply to a Girl’s hopes.

Sargun Mehta in Qismat

Sargun being an outsider for the Punjabi film industry, entered and rocked the screens by her each performance. But when it comes to Bani in Qismat, her performance is speechless. Yes, the character was simple, but still, the way she swam in the waves of emotions and expressions, she has beautifully complimented the performance of Ammy Virk as well.

Isn’t it true, when she laughed we laughed, and when she cried, we felt the pain too? Now, this is what we call a Performance is.

Ammy Virk in Harjeeta

Biopic has never been a Punjabi Industry thing. But still, Ammy Virk stood out and took the risk and the rest is history. Though the audience didn’t accept this film at the box office, Ammy Virk performed with all his heart and earned the National Award for the film.

Sonam Bajwa in Guddiyan Patole

Sonam Bajwa is the current favorite and superhit name standing tall in the industry. She is experimenting and proving her worth, but all this started with the film, Guddiyan Patole. She figured her costume designing and looks out for her character and grabbed the attention of the public. This was the rare moment when a women-centric film was a commercial hit on the box office for Punjabi Industry.

Gurnam Bhullar in Surkhi Bindi

No doubt Gurnam’s performance in Guddiyan Patole was good, indeed, but the credit of film’s success went into the kit of Sonam Bajwa. But through his next film, Surkhi Bindi, opposite Sargun Mehta, he found his way to the audience’s heart. He did such an amazing job that it is impossible for us to imagine someone else performing the character other than him.

Simi Chahal in Bambukaat

Pakko was Simi’s debut character in Punjabi Film Industry, where she was introduced by Ammy Virk. Her performance in this film is worth watching not because, she had played the character of a girl within dark complexion, but definitely because of her confidence and natural acting.

Gurpreet Ghuggi in Ardaas, Ardaas Karaan and Son of Manjeet Singh

For these three films & one man, perfect is the only words we feel suits here. A man who lost his family in Ardaas, a man who is losing his life in Ardaas Karaan & a man who lost the dream of his son in Son of Manjit Singh, all these losing characters of Gurpreet Ghuggi made him win over all our hearts. He knows the art of performing, that’s why he is the one, who is offered comic and serious roles, equally.

Nirmal Rishi in Nikka Zaildaar

Households in Punjab have always been ruled by Daadi’s but everyone dreams of one like Nirmal Rishi jo, ‘pith na laggan deve’, neither in entertainment nor in performance. Maybe this the reason for 3 parts of Nikka Zaildar, and Daadi still rocks.

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